Sunday afternoon jazz

Aug. 20, 2023 Sunday afternoon jazz vol.1 ~Sea and Bird~

at Yumetama 2-29-7 Momijigaoka, Fuchu, Tokyo


Tickets 2,000yen

Studenst: elementary&junior high school studens 500yen/ High school&collegestudents 1,000yen

(Reqiured a separate drink fee)

"Sunday afternoon jazz"at Yumetama, Fuchu is the jazz duo concert seriese organized by Momo. Each concert has "theme" and our first theme is "Sea and Bird".

Each of us have own private view in our hearts about seww and sky. I think sound is very specific region which we can put our private memories and views into it. A ship is sailing quietely between the wavs tawards the horizon,  Birds are flying over high ky, clouds are calling rain and rain gives a many gift to everyone. I hope we can share this imaginary travel of see at Yumetama, a cafe is using the nearly 100 years old building, through live jazz performance by professional musicians.

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The photos of the gig



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